Lesson Plans

The Art of Cross-Curricular Teaching: An Introduction to IoT in Middle School Earth/Space Science Middle SchoolScience2017sensors, coding, Java, CLauren BrackenDownload
Science is LiTMiddle SchoolEarth / Space2017C, Raspberry PiKatherine GradyDownload
Linear Regression and Correlation For Environmental Sensor CalibrationHigh SchoolStatistics2017Fabrication, C, Raspberry Pi, networkingJared HerretesDownload
Motivating Minorities to Move into STEM:
Exposing Students to Wireless Network Sensors in the Middle School Classroom
Middle SchoolPhysical Science2017minority STEM educationJazmine WilliamsDownload
Boolean Logic and Logic Gates, the Gateway to Understanding FPGAs.High SchoolMath / Physics / Computer Science2017FPGA, coding, logic gatesJames EbbertDownload
Exploring MEMS Resonators-Sensors in Middle School ScienceMiddle SchoolPhysical Science2017MEMS, resonance, piezoelectric materialJunior Jn-BaptisteDownload
Delving into the Electrical DomainHigh SchoolPhysics2017sensors, MEMS, logic gatesRonda SmuczDownload
Flexible Conductive Materials in High School PhysicsHigh SchoolPhysics2017Carbon nanotubes (CNT), electrical resistanceChad HobbyDownload
The Effectiveness of Introduced STEM in Intensive Mathematics CoursesHigh SchoolMath for College Readiness2017Carbon nanotubes (CNT), Raspberry Pi, intensive mathematicsKevin ScottDownload
Cultivating STEM Career Interest in the Middle School Science Room SettingMiddle SchoolPhysical Science2017circuits, Carbon nanotubes (CNT), JavaErika TrnkaDownload
The Art of Cross-Curricular Teaching: An Introduction to IoTto High School ChemistryHigh SchoolChemistry Secondary2018Java, C, sensors, Raspberry PiCarl JacksonDownload
Research and Collaboration: Integrating Engineering and Computer Science in the High School Chemistry ClassroomHigh SchoolChemistry2018sensors, mobile device integrationWalter Jean VertusDownload
Research Experience for Science and Math Teachers in Internet of Things (IoT): A BioMath Approach to Introduce Basic ProgrammingHigh SchoolBiology2018biomath, C, Java, sensors, Raspberry PiFabiola GuillaumeDownload
Design and Fabrication of Environmental SensorsHigh SchoolChemistry (Physics/Biology)2018micro-sensors, design, fabrication, comparitive experimentRon Sandrin-LittDownload
Applying MEMS Pressure and Temperature Piezoelectric Receptors to Determine Specific Ideal Gas Law and Molar Quantities through Chemical Analysis and Mathematical Modeling. High SchoolChemistry, Biology2018MEMS, piezoelectric material, scientific methodMichael LopatkaDownload
Using MEMS Accelerometers in AP Physics C: Measurement Principles and Data Analysis ConsiderationsHigh SchoolPhysics2018MEMS, FPGAAmber MorganDownload
Exploration of The Piezoelectric EffectHigh SchoolChemistry / Environmental Science2018piezoelectric materials, MEMSBrittnaie Bell WadeDownload
Using STEM to Enhance Mathematics Education for Middle School ESE StudentsMiddle SchoolMath2018CAD, 3D printingSara JacksDownload
Physics Investigations with Carbon Nanotube MaterialsHigh SchoolPhysics2018Carbon nanotubes (CNT)Terry BarchfeldDownload
Determination of the Resistivity of an Elastic Conductive Material in an RC Circuit and Applications of Flexible Strain Sensors High SchoolPhysics2018strain sensor, conductivityZachary MorganDownload
Flexible Conductive Materials In the Treatment of Spinal Cord InjuriesHigh SchoolBiology2018Carbon nanotubes (CNT), biomedical useTracy EbertDownload
IoT and E - Waste: An environmental impact study on the effect of electronic waste on the environmentHigh SchoolBiology2019E-waste, Sustainability, IoT Heather BroughDownload
Exploring Photosynthesis: Using Environmental Sensors to
Monitor the Photosynthetic Rate in Aquatic Plants
Middle SchoolPhysical Science2019Sensors, Photosynthesis Jamie CantuDownload
Sensing Energy Transformations with Circuit DesignMiddle SchoolPhysical & Marine Sciences2019Sensing, Energy, CircuitAmanda KeenDownload
Ocean Acidification: Integrating Engineering, Sensors and Computer Science in the Middle School ClassroomMiddle SchoolScience2019Sensors, Acidification, CarbonJennifer NapolitanoDownload
Diagnosing Diabetes: An Integration of Computer Science and Engineering Principles into a High School
Biomedical (Biology) Classroom
High SchoolBiological Sciences2019Diabetes, Glucose, SensorsMohammed PatelDownload
Student - Centered Investigation of Sensors in Game ControllersMiddle SchoolTechnology/Computers - Web Design/Coding2019Circuit, Video game, Sensors Barbara Barnard-FigaroDownload
Teaching Logic Gates Through Student Centered Investigation of Video Game ControllersHigh SchoolPhysics2019Controllers, Logic operations, Video gameAndrew HuskeyDownload
Using Electrical and Mechanical Systems to Observe Motion of an ObjectHigh SchoolPhysics2019Logic gates, Sensing, MotionAmanda ModestoDownload
The Power of “Why?” Using Engineering to Demonstrate and Clarify Knowledge of Energy, Thermodynamics, and Electromagnetic Wave Concepts by Constructing a Rube Goldberg MachineMiddle SchoolScience2019Energy, Thermodynamics, Electromagnetic waveJana SimmerlyDownload
Discovering Venn Diagrams through Digital Logic GatesHigh SchoolAlgebra II2019Venn diagram, Digital logic gate Michael AngeloDownload
Inspiring Curiosity through Computer Science Challenges: Students Modeling Chemistry using "Scratch" Visual ProgrammingHigh SchoolChemistry2019Visual programming, Scratch Lynne CohenDownload
Evaluating and Improving the Design of Small - Scale Wood Bridges Using Force Sensitive Resistors (FSR) & Single - Board Computers (SBC)High SchoolPhysics2019Force, Load, EquilibriumMatthew MyrickDownload
Using Soft Robotics in BiotechnologyHigh SchoolBiology / Anatomy / Environmental Science / Marine Science2019Soft Robotics, Carbon nanotubes, BiotechnologyTaylor PreshaDownload